Texas Counties Deliver


Located at:

 1 State Hwy. 150
Coldspring, Texas 77331

ANIMAL CONTROL- (936) 524-3891; 281-592-0919; 281-450-9007

The Animal Control Office handles issues related to stray animals, animals that have been dumped, etc. 


APPRAISAL DISTRICT - (936) 653-1450

Appraisal districts are responsible for appraising property for property tax purposes for each taxing unit that imposes property taxes on property in the appraisal district.


AUDITOR'S OFFICE - (936) 653-4461

The County Auditor is the Financial Officer for the county.





COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE - (936) 653-2324

The County Clerk's Office handles the following: County Criminal Court cases (misdemeanors), Civil, Probate and Guardianship cases, marriage licenses, marks and brands, birth certificates, death certificates, land records, subdivision plats, election results, Commissioners Court records, filing of various records including land deeds and plats and wills.


Precinct 1, Laddie Mcanally, 936-653-5045, pct1mcanally@eastex.net
Precinct 2, Donny Marrs, 936-628-3267, donny.marrs@san-jac.us
Precinct 3, David Brandon, 281-592-1109, commissionerpct3@san-jac.us
Precinct4, Mark Nettuno, 936-377-2481, sjcpct4@eastex.net

The Commissioners handle the roads and bridges and sanitation in their precincts.

The county commissioner’s court serves as the governing body in each of Texas’ 254 counties. This administrative body was established by the Texas Constitution of 1876 and is comprised of a county judge and four commissioners. The major duties of the commissioner’s court involve overseeing the budgetary and policy making functions of county government.



COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE (Texas Agri-Life) - (936) 628-6407,

Extension Agents are employed by land-grant universities and serve the citizens of the county by serving as an expert or teacher on a topic relating to economics, community development, agriculture, family, animal production, diet and nutrition.



COUNTY JUDGE'S OFFICE - (936) 653-2199

The County Judge handles the following duties:
  • Presiding officer of the commissioners court
  • Represents the county in many administrative functions
  • Serves as budget officer in counties with fewer than 225,000 residents
  • Most have broad judicial duties, such as presiding over misdemeanor criminal and small civil cases, probate matters and appeals from the Justice of the Peace Court
  • Serves as head of emergency management
  • Mental Health Warrants


CONSTABLES -   Pct. 1 - (936) 653-5614, roy.rogers@san-jac.us
                             Pct. 2 - (936) 628-1439, ray.atchley@san-jac.us
                             Pct. 3 - (281) 592-0919, sam.houston@san-jac.us
                             Pct. 4 - (936) 377-5412, alvin.wyatt@san-jac.us        

 Duties include: to keep the peace, serve as a licensed peace officer and performs various law enforcement functions, including issuing traffic citations, enforce traffic regulations, undertake investigations, arrest law breakers, carry out executions of judgment, serve warrants and civil papers such as subpoenas and temporary restraining orders, and serves as bailiff for Justice of the Peace Court.




The district attorney analyzes and gathers evidence to determine if there are grounds for criminal prosecution of cases within their districts and presents cases at trial.

  • Represents the state in prosecuting felony criminal cases
  • Works with law enforcement officers in the investigation of criminal cases
  • Presents cases to the grand jury
  • Represents victims of violence in protective orders and represents the state in removing children from abusive households

Note: Some counties do not have both a County Attorney and a District Attorney. These counties have either a Criminal District Attorney or a combination County and District Attorney. In these counties, one office performs the functions of both the County Attorney and the District Attorney.

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES - (936) 653-1500, (936) 653-4391 or (936) 327-6782 (Livingston Office)


    1)  Community Care
    2)  Aged & Disabled
    3)  Children's Protective Services
    4)  Adult Protective Services      

                                                                            Business Hours

                                                                           Monday - Friday
                                                                        8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

                    (office is located in the Courthouse Basement in Room B10)

This office handles Income Assistance, Food Stamps (TANF), Medicaid, CHiPS, as well as issues concerning abuse or neglect of children and elderly.


TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY (DPS) - Highway Patrol - (936) 653-2173 


                                            (Not a Drivers License Office)

Trooper Duties. Highway Patrol Division Troopers enforce traffic laws on rural Texas highways and perform a variety of other duties: ... Provide education and information programs on traffic safety and crime prevention and control.


DISTRICT CLERK'S OFFICE - (936) 653-2909, tcurrie@san-jac.us

The district clerk receives for filing and processing all documents in a court case and maintains the official court records. The office also issues all processes involved with civil, domestic, and criminal cases in the 258th and 411th Judicial District Courts.

1)    Collects and disburses court costs, fines, and other fees
2)    Manages child support payments
3)    Manages money invested on behalf of minor children until age 18
4)    Manages money placed in the court registry fund that is in dispute

To contact the Attorney General's Office concerning Child Support matters call 1-800-687-8249

ELECTIONS ADMINISTRATOR- (936) 653-5804, vshelly@san-jac.us

This position is responsible for the conduct of all non-primary, Federal, State, County, and Contracted Elections. ... The Elections Administrator is responsible for ensuring voting processes maintain a high level of professional standards in order to earn and preserve public confidence in the election process.


EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT - (936) 653-3395, oem@san-jac.us


Manages the day-to-day responsibilities for emergency preparedness and response within the county.



Environmental health officers are responsible for monitoring and enforcing health and hygiene legislation. They also investigate when there's an incident, such as pollution, a noise problem, toxic contamination, pest infestation or an outbreak of food poisoning.


FIRE MARSHAL - (832) 401-6962, (936) 239-6933, fire.marshall@san-jac.us

GAME WARDENS - TEXAS PARKS & WILDLIFE - (512) 389-4848 (leave message)

INDIGENT HEALTH CARE - (936) 653-2091, canderson@san-jac.us

(Located in the Courthouse Basement)

The County Indigent Health Care Program helps low-income residents who don’t qualify for other state or federal health care programs have access to health care services.


JUSTICES OF THE PEACE -    Pct. 1 - (936) 653-4578, cmcgee@san-jac.us
                                                 Pct. 2 - (936) 628-6477, h.blanchette@san-jac.us
                                                 Pct. 3 - (281) 592-4400, randy.ellisor@san-jac.us
                                                 Pct. 4 - (936) 377-2131, greg.magee@san-jac.us

  • Hears traffic and other Class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only
  • Hears civil cases with up to $10,000 in controversy
  • Hears landlord and tenant disputes
  • Hears truancy cases
  • Performs magistrate duties
  • Conducts inquests


(936) 653-3823 or (936) 653-8221, sjcpermits@san-jac.us ;  sjc911@san-jac.us

Building and Septic/Sewer Permits, Inspections
Obtain 911 Address


PROBATION DEPARTMENT - Adult Probation - (936) 653-4554
                                                    Juvenile Probation - (936) 653-2771



                            FOR ALL EMERGENCIES CALL 9-1-1

TAX ASSESSOR/COLLECTOR & MOTOR VEHICLES - for Property Taxes -  (936) 653-3292 or for Motor Vehicles - (936) 653-2311, bdavis@san-jac.us                                                                                           

  • Calculates property tax rates for the county
  • Collects property taxes for the county
  • May collect taxes for cities, schools and other local taxing entities
  • Processes motor vehicle title transfers
  • Issues motor vehicle registration and licenses
  • May process boat titles and registrations
  • Registers voters and may conduct elections
  • Collects various other fees for the state and county


TREASURER - (936) 653-2353, county.treasurer@san-jac.us

  • Receives and deposits all county revenues
  • Prepares the payroll
  • Disburses funds upon the order of the Commissioners Court
  • Records receipts and expenditures and reconciles bank statements
  • Acts as the county’s human resources officer, employee benefits coordinator, risk manager and insurance coordinator 


VETERAN'S SERVICES - (936) 653-2270, dale.everitt@san-jac.us

(Open on Tuesdays)